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Thursday, 20 August 2015

An online Store, Aggregation, Reverse Bidding cum Core Retail Solution for Customers, Retailers, Manufacturers, Distributors and Brand Owners

A new and Unique way of Retailing, Whole selling and Corporate Buying A Core Retail Solution for the Brand Owners, Retailers , Distributors and Manufacturers
The only online platform which can handle online sale, query, offers, ordering, and MIS for Brand Owners, Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers. 

Create your own market, for grocery and much more, make the sellers run to satisfy you, offer you service, discounts and offers, invite your nearby store refer store and we shall get them registered for you. They will bid to serve you. Don't worry even if the order is of small value and it is repetitive. They will all serve you.

Submit your order and let them pick and bid for your order!! You shall decide who to select!!

Use Quick Buy option and either use the existing list or create new list, keep on adding and deleting products and reordering.

Now customers will not miss offers, sellers will not keep with them the offers and schemes and 
Sellers will have to act smart to serve the customers!

Savings, time savings, transparency, no more negotiations, saving on parking and driving costs, by website , sms, e mail, phone and mobile application.

For zohukum, Customer is the King and Seller is Smart !